Google Sites announcing New Features

New Features on Google Sites! ? You can add collapse text in Google Sites to make your website looks clean and tidy ? Just navigate to your Google Sites, on the right menu, select collapse text. After that, input your title on the top and input the content on the bottom of the collapse text […]

Your Personal Intelligent Assistant – Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps you in everyday work. ? You can ask for today’s weather, ask for your schedule today, perform calculation or conversion, WhatsApp your family, calling your sister or even set your phone to mute! There is so much more that Google Assistant can help you in organizing your daily life and work. In […]

How We Develop Our Website

Our website is design on Google Sites platform. The good thing about Google Sites is you don’t need any programming skills to build the website. Apart from this, you can easily insert any image, youtube videos, Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, and Google Calendar on your site. The best thing about Google Sites is that after […]