Cre8tive Now – The GiG Factor

GiG economy often associated with freelancers or part-timers where is a free market system whereby organization or company hires independent or temporary worker for just a short-term commitment. The rise of social media and internet pushes the bloom of gig economy. In Malaysia, most of the gig economy is contributed by e-hailing and startups. With […]

COVID-19 Benefits Given to End Users

Many software companies have given out extra benefits to their users during the COVID-19 outbreak. Are you benefited from their software? 1. Google  First of all, Google is giving out their GSuite users some GSuite Enterprise Level features benefits for video conferencing in Hangout Meet during the COVID-19 outbreak: Larger meetings, for up to 250 […]

Creative Now – What Have We Done During This Lockdown

Creative Now has been busying for few months since the implementation of lock-down or Movement Control Order. We are doing so many projects in this period of time. Therefore, we would like to share few initiated collaboration projects in the post below. Creative Now with We are collaborating with Penang Ho Kang ( 槟城 好康 ) to launch their […]

How We Develop Our Website

Our website is design on Google Sites platform. The good thing about Google Sites is you don’t need any programming skills to build the website. Apart from this, you can easily insert any image, youtube videos, Google docs, sheets, slides, forms, and Google Calendar on your site. The best thing about Google Sites is that after […]