| What is Open Data & How Useful Is

The CovidNow website is designed by Henry Lim, Calum Lim, Sheng Han Lim, and Roshen Maghhan to collaborate with our Ministry of Health and the open data community. View more about the developer background at The new website is significantly better in terms of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) compared with […]

Google Workspace Sept 2021 Updates | All You Need to

Google has posted several Google Workspace update on their Google Workspace Update blog. In this post, we are going to summarize a few changes that you will need to know. 1. Changes in Google Calendar There will be few changes on the Google Calendar. Now users could select whether are they working from Home or […]

The Difference Between Google Workspace User and Gmail User

Curious to know what’s the difference between Google Workspace users and a free Gmail users? Why choose Google Workspace and how much is Google Workspace cost? Let’s find out in this post! Visit to learn more! Feel free to message us to ask question or you could email us at Follow us: YouTube: Telegram: Facebook: […]

Google Workspace Enabled for Everyone | Google Biggest Announcement in

Yes, you didn’t heard it wrong. Google is giving out Google Workspace’s ability to free Google Gmail users as well! Read through our post and we will share with you what is Google Workspace. At the end of the post, we will teach you how to enable Google Workspace in your Gmail. What is Google Workspace? Google […]

Invoice Generator for Micro & Small Enterprises

We understand that enterprises especially sole proprietor is rising with the introduction of eCommerce platform like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee and others. However, when comes to invoice generation automation, the available option in the market is less. This is due to high automation cost and complex operation whereby most of the features is too much for […]

Google Form with Confidential /Anonymous Voting

Google Form, a free online voting/polling or survey comes in handy when you are working on your stuff but it does have limitation when it comes to confidential voting. You couldn’t control who could vote on your Form when you are publishing your Google Form in public or within your organization. In other words, anyone […]

Do you know these Icons?

How many of you seen all of these logo before? Have you used them previously? Here are some tips on what’s the functions of Google Apps: Google Drive Convert your hard-copy papers, documents and save your files into Google Drive Access your files anytime, anywhere and on any devices Share your content online with colleague, […]

Google Meet Update – Available for Everyone

Great news! Google is announcing to release the GSuite Google Meet features to public. In other words, this means that personal Google account (Gmail account) will be getting Google Meet features as well. See the announcement here. Google Meet If you try to login into for the first time using your personal Gmail account (, […]

View All Students in Meet | Tips for Google Meet

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lock-down for most of the countries. We begin to use more remote video conference for schools, colleges and universities. However, Google Meet was having some limitation such as only 4 participants can be view on the screen in Tile layout mode. In reality, most of the teachers would like […]

Google Sites announcing New Features

New Features on Google Sites! ? You can add collapse text in Google Sites to make your website looks clean and tidy ? Just navigate to your Google Sites, on the right menu, select collapse text. After that, input your title on the top and input the content on the bottom of the collapse text […]