Creative Now has been busying for few months since the implementation of lock-down or Movement Control Order. We are doing so many projects in this period of time. Therefore, we would like to share few initiated collaboration projects in the post below.

Creative Now with

We are collaborating with Penang Ho Kang ( 槟城 好康 ) to launch their first website online at with Google Sites. Their website’s aim is to link food seller in Penang together so that the buyer could easily find the contacts of the food seller. Users can easily navigate to the contact of food seller by choosing the correct category. The website covers huge range of products from fresh vegetables,  to seafood and cooked food like Penang Road Laksa. There is also Seasons Bakery bread and desserts as well.

The release of website truly helps those hawkers who are out of business since the lock-down. On the other hand, our people could buy the food that they wish to eat even though they are staying at home. Press on the home page of Penang Ho Kang to go to their website now!

Virtual Classroom Resources Malaysia

We are collaborating with Virtual Classroom Resources Malaysia to release a website that could help teacher, students and parents. Since the Movement Control Order, our schools has been closing down and our education platform started to move toward remote learning. Teachers force to learn technology like Google Classroom, Meet to cope with students. In addition, the teachers will need to think of ways to create online content and videos for students to refer and learn from their home. How about those teachers who have limited resources to create these content? Or students or parents who doesn’t  know where to find learning material in the world of digital?

Website is a HIT!

Yes, Creative Now with Virtual Classroom Resources Malaysia comes into play. This website allow teachers to share resources with each other more efficiently due to Facebook group or Whatsapp group having limited function on categorizing the shared information. Moreover, students and parents could take advantage on this website to get learning material to learn on their own as well.
This website is a hit since launching of this website on 27 April 2020. This website garners 10,000 users per week since the launch of website although the content of this website is still not  yet complete. We hope this could further benefits more to the community and more content will be added soon!
Feel free to visit this post to look learn how to use Google Meet in class.