• September 17, 2021

Do you know these Icons?

 Do you know these Icons?

How many of you seen all of these logo before?

Have you used them previously? Here are some tips on what’s the functions of Google Apps:

Google Drive

  • Convert your hard-copy papers, documents and save your files into Google Drive
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere and on any devices
  • Share your content online with colleague, friends, family, etc
  • Low Cost! Up to 15GB FREE for personal use

Google Docs

  • Save paper, reduce the usage of paper by using Google Docs
  • Real-time collaboration with easy sharing with controls all in your hand
  • Record down your idea, anywhere, anytime and in any devices with keep the draft all in single file
  • Chat discussion, comment assigned function, google search all without leaving google docs.

Google Sheets

  • Link import data between Sheets, Docs, Slides and Sites.
  • Template such as budget, invoice, Gantt Chart, receipt, assignment tracker, PO, expenses report, financial statement and etc is available for edit.
  • Data analysis, data extraction, data review all made possible with thousand of formula to be used

Google Form

  • No need to convert received surveys and forms into digital
  • Can be transformed into Quiz, Surveys, Registration System, Quotation, Feedback Form and etc
  • Real-time response, get notification of each response with add-ons
  • Data can be exported to Google Sheets for analysis
  • Go Green! Save papers!

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