Google Form, a free online voting/polling or survey comes in handy when you are working on your stuff but it does have limitation when it comes to confidential voting. You couldn’t control who could vote on your Form when you are publishing your Google Form in public or within your organization. In other words, anyone in your organization could fill-in your Google Form once they obtained the link. When it comes to confidential or anonymous voting, you couldn’t collect email address or any sorts of personal details that will expose personal choice. This leads to unknown validity of voting whether if is there double voting (known bug in Google Form although limit to 1 responses is set) or voting by person who are not authorized.

Cre8tive eVoting Passcode System with Google Form

The Cre8tive eVoting Passcode System helps make sure the voting process achieve some level of confidentiality without collecting participants personal details such as email and name while making sure the voting done by authorize person is valid. The form owner could control who is given authority to vote by inputting email addresses in Google Sheet connected to eVoting Passcode Add-on. Before voting, Form Owner could automatic email the generation of 6 digit alphanumeric passcode to authorized people via the Add-on. After that, the passcode email send by the Form Owner will be deleted permanently automatically by the Add-On to ensure confidentiality of the voters. Voters will need to input the case sensitive passcode to the Google Form passcode column for verification before going on the voting part. They will not proceed if wrong passcode is inputted. The validity of the voting could be confirm by checking the unique input of passcode submission. 

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