Great news! Google is announcing to release the GSuite Google Meet features to public. In other words, this means that personal Google account (Gmail account) will be getting Google Meet features as well. See the announcement here.

Google Meet

If you try to login into for the first time using your personal Gmail account (, you should see a banner stating that Google Meet will be available for free soon. However, the free version of Meet does have limitation which states in the announcement. The limitation is set to 100 participants for 1 hours which is going to enforce on 30th September 2020 onward. In that sense, all the personal Gmail account could use the Meet for 100 participants and unlimited time slot from May to September 2020. Good one Google!

Most noteworthy, you may not know that Meet does have the live caption features. For example, turning on the caption will auto generate the caption as you speak. However, this caption features is only available for English wording and it can be enabled by clicking More (3 dots), then press Turn On caption.

Apart from that, Meet does have a lot of third party application that could help us during our Meet session. You can find out more information here.


It seems like the release of Meet to public is Google’s agenda to rival with Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing application that caught everybody’s attention when remote learning is enforcing in each countries. It seems like Zoom is a pretty good video conferencing app with whole lots of features available such as virtual background and sending OneDrive or Google Drive’s files and folders across the conferencing app.

Let us know in the comment section below to see you would prefer Meet or Zoom when selecting video conference application and the reason behind.