Yes, you didn’t heard it wrong. Google is giving out Google Workspace’s ability to free Google Gmail users as well! Read through our post and we will share with you what is Google Workspace. At the end of the post, we will teach you how to enable Google Workspace in your Gmail.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a enterprise solution to enable enterprise and business to collaborate faster with Google’s collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and more. With Google Workspace, enterprise and business could enable the future of work, increasing productivity, enable remote workforce and cloud storage to make sure that all your files and folders can be accessible in any of your devices, anytime with internet connection.

What is the difference between Google Workspace users and normal free @Gmail users?

Google Workspace users will unlock premium features for example Shared Drive access for teams, higher participants limit for Google Meet with breakout room and polling features. Moreover, Google Workspace users will have increased Google Services Quota that enable users to do more automation with Google App Scripts such as sending more automated emails. Additional, Google Workspace users will have more storage and Google Vault to keep their file and folders safe or for auditing purpose.

What new features introduced by Google recently for Google Workspace?

Google introduced few new features to the Google Workspace during their Google I/O and also Keywords. The first would be the Smart Canvas where users could build their “interactive blocks” and checklists inside Google Docs and users could tag smart chips such as files, meetings or recommended people directly in Google Docs. In addition, Google has also introduced Companion Mode in Google Meet that fostering collaboration equity in a hybrid work. In other words, participants are likely to get access to interactive features and controls like screen sharing, polls, in-meeting chat, hand raise, Q&A, live captions, and more. Users are also able to RSVP the meeting to indicate whether if they are joining the physical meeting room or virtually.

What is the pricing and plan for Google Workspace?

Currently, there is 2 main plan introduced: business and enterprise. Business plan caters for businesses that allows maximum 300 seats of license and below while enterprise plan offers no minimum or maximum cap. Which means that business with less that 300 employees could opt for either business or enterprise plan but business with more than 300 employee could only go for enterprise plan.
In the business plan, company could select either Business Starter priced at RM25/user/month,  Business Standard priced at RM50/user/month or Business Plan priced at RM75/user/month. Each of the plan does have some additional features applied to it for example the Business Standard will have cloud storage of 30GB while Business Plus having cloud storage of 5TB per account. More comparison between the plans and features can be found here.

Enterprise plan wise, Google does offers Enterprise Essentials priced around RM40/user/month, Standard priced around RM80/user/month and Plus which priced around RM120/user/month. Enterprise plan will have more advanced security and management control compared to the business plan. Google does also released a new plan named Frontline plan priced around RM20/user/month that aims to help those mobile workers to have most basic access to Google Workspace.  
Google also announced that they are coming out with Google Workspace Individual plan that helps micro businesses to get premium capabilities such as smart booking services, professional video meetings, personalized email marketing. However, Google has yet to share any pricing for this plan and features details for this plan.

Feel free to contact to understand more about the licenses and we do offer service to help you setting up your Google Workspace.

What the free @gmail users will get from enabling the Google Workspace features?

Currently, Google promise users with free @gmail account could get the Google Space (also known as Google Rooms) features if Google Chat is enabled. This allows users to have a central places to connect, create and collaborates with others. In details, Google has not share whether if free @gmail users will get all the premium features in Google Space similar to Google Workspace users or will there be any premium features just for Google Workspace users. 

HOW TO ENABLE Google Workspace features with free @gmail account?

Starting today, you can enable the Google Rooms / Google Space features by following the steps this link to enable Google Chat.

In summary, 

1. Go to and click on the setting icon on the top right just beside the question mark. 
2. Then click on See all settings.
3. Look for  Chat and Meet tab and click on it.
4. Select Google Chat and you should see confirmation message.
5. Once you confirm to switch to Google Chat, you will have the Google Rooms / Google Space enabled on the left or right panel of your Gmail just below your chats depending on your chat position settings.

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