Google Classroom allows remote learning and helps to bring teachers and students together remotely.

With COVID-19 outbreak and countries locking down their cities to mitigate the virus spread, schools and university is closing down.
Learning remotely has become so important to help in teachers and students to continue to learn without leaving their house. However, many of the software or application in the market does cost a fortune which is not affordable by teachers or students. With this reason, we are introducing one of the best remote learning software – Google Classroom!

Why Google Classroom?

First of all, Google Classroom has lots of features associated with it. For example, teachers could post assignments/questions/quizzes in the Classwork page. Students could hold their homework discussion in the Stream page. Moreover, learning material can be shared to all by links, YouTube videos, Google Drive documents or even a file from your local devices. Teachers are able to mark all the students’ work just within the software and grading function works with private comment send to the students. Teacher could also post announcement or even hold a Live Conference using integrated Google Calendar and Google Hangout. The best part of this application is – It’s FREE to use! By using Google Classroom, this helps in protecting our mother earth by reducing paper waste!

No matter you’re a teacher or student, or even a learner, yes Creative Now heard you!

We are giving FREE access to our Google Classroom tutorial to teachers and students so that remote learning can be continue even staying at home or after school.

Just fill up the form and select “I want FREE access to Google Classroom”.

*Note that the free support and access will be given until 1st May 2020. (Contact for the free access)

You can access the Google Classroom by Computer ( or by downloading the apps to your mobile phone from Apps Store or Play Stores.

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Start learning! Stay Healthy!