With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lock-down for most of the countries. We begin to use more remote video conference for schools, colleges and universities. However, Google Meet was having some limitation such as only 4 participants can be view on the screen in Tile layout mode. In reality, most of the teachers would like to view all students in Meet to be able to monitor their learning progress. Thus, Google is releasing an update to include tiled layout view that caters up to 16 participants in a screen!

What if the participants are more than 16? Continue to read the blog for solution.

Changing layout to Tiled:

To show 16 participants on a screen

  1. Firstly, go to your Meet meeting on a computer and select More (3 dots button).
  2. Secondly, select Change layout and change the layout to Tiled mode.
  3. After that you should see the screen shows all the participants in Tiled mode up to 16 people.

Note that Google just released this features, so it might take some time to reach each GSuite account holder.

If your participants is more than 16, you can use the following workaround to view all students in Google Meet:

  1. Go to Google Meet Grid View extension in Chrome Web Store (link here) and select Add to Chrome.
  2. Google will prompt a box to request permission access by this application. Allow the permission.
  3. After successful installation, you should see the extension show up in the top right corner of your web browser in your Google Meet meeting/class.
  4. To use the Grid view, press on the new Grid View button next to People and Chat. Press again to disable Grid View.
    Google Meet Grid View
  5. You can select the checkbox to apply settings on the Grid View:
    • Only show participants with video – If you check this box then Grid View will not show those who turned off their webcam or disabled video.
    • Highlight speakers – If you check this option, a yellow box will appear at those who speaks, making it easier to see who is talking.
    • Include yourself in the grid – Check this box if you wish to join in the Grid View.

You should be able to View All Students in Meet for now!

However, there some limitation while using this extension:

  • Each person will need to install this extension if they wish to see the Grid View. The view is personalized, meaning each person controls their own viewing screen. In addition, if they are joining classes or meeting via tablet or mobile devices, this extension will not work. The workaround is to share your screen, select “A window” and select the window with Google Meet and everyone should see the same as yours.
  • This extension only works with Google Chrome web browser in laptop or computer, it will not working with Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explore or Microsoft Edge. If you do not have Google Chrome, download from here. Note that the extension will not work in Google Chrome Incognito mode too!
  • You might not be able to install the extension if your GSuite Admin blocked the extension or not allowing you to install extension by yourself. Contact your GSuite Administrator in this case.

Since this is a third-party app, Creative Now or Google will not hold any liability for any losses or damages while using Google Meet Grid View. Be sure to check out their privacy policy before giving permission.

Attendance in Meet

Looking for Attendance Tracking App for Google Meet?
Install Meet Attendance extension and use it during your class (link here). You can refer to the video below for tutorial on how to use the Meet Attendance.

Since this is a third-party app, Creative Now or Google will not hold any liability for any losses or damages while using Meet Attendance. Be sure to check out their privacy policy before giving permission.

Meet in Gmail

Google releases Google Meet in Gmail for all GSuite users. You can create or join any Meet directly from Gmail!

Updates in Google Meet

Google has additional updates on top of the Tiled Layout which features up to 16 participants in one screen. Below are the updates:

  • Present a Chrome Tab: This features allow users to present higher-quality video content with audio to the participants in a Google Chrome Tab. This features truly solve most of the Google Meet users that have the issue on sharing the audio of a playing video to participants.
  • Google Meet can now uses AI technology to adjust users video to make users more visible even in a low light condition.
  • Better noise cancellation filtering the background distractions — like dog barking or keystrokes as users are taking meeting notes.

For more info, visit the updates here.

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