Telegram started to get more users to the platform since the news on WhatsApp privacy update.

In this post, we’re going to share with you 5 reasons for changing to Telegram.

  1. The first reason for using Telegram is the number of members in a group. You can only have 256 members in a WhatsApp group but in Telegram, the limit is 200,000! No need to worry about creating multiple groups for members.
  2. The file sending limit is 2GB in Telegram which is enormous and guest what, the files will be save in the Telegram’s cloud server instead of your phone unlike WhatsApp! In other words, when you pressed on the files that sent by others in Telegram, your phone will only save a cache of the files without saving the full copy of the files, hence saving space for your mobile devices. You can anytime long click on the files and press save to download to get the copy of the whole files saved to your mobile devices.
  3. On the privacy side, Telegram app only collects your phone number, contacts and user ID unlike other messaging apps which collect from your fitness info to other apps that you interact with or website that you visited. Telegram also uses public “username” for your account, which means that other people could contact you via your public username without knowing your personal details such as phone number. However, the downside of Telegram is that Telegram only uses cloud encryption on the basic chats and only secret chat will be having end-to-end encryption. More information: . Advantage wise, without the end-to-end encryption, Telegram are able to allow users to sign-in in multiple devices without issue unlike WhatsApp.
  4. In Telegram, you can have different type of interaction such as personal accounts, groups, channel and bots. Personal account and groups interaction is similar to what other messaging platforms have to offer. While for channel, users can subscribe to channel that interest them and receive information or posts from the channel , somewhat similar to broadcast in WhatsApp. Follow our Cre8tive Telegram Channel: .
  1. The next advantage of using Telegram is bots. Bots, short form for robots allow developer to customize and automate tasks for different application including auto-reply chatbot, FAQs system, auto-ban spam users, valid user verification or even payment system directly in Telegram. Users are able to make payment via the integrated payment provider directly in Telegram and get the invoice/receipt after the payment has been made. To test the payment system, go to and select demo.

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